Karma Athletics

Written by: Nicole Tab
March 29, 2017

  I personally feel so much better when I workout in my favorite apparel. When I look better, I feel better, so I push myself harder. We strive to be in the best shape, why not look stylish while doing it? When …

Shema-OR Jewelry

Written by: Nicole Tab
March 14, 2017

Women like to shine bright, right? Well, what is one of the best ways to add some shine to your daily outfits? Jewelry! Women look for the most alluring fashion accessories to top off their outfits of the day. The pieces become …

Hoke Poke

Written by: Nicole Tab
February 21, 2017

What is the Hoke Poke really all about? Well that’s what I’m here to tell you. It’s ѕuреr friendly vibe, just сhit chatting whilе they mаkе уоur Cali сlаѕѕiс bеѕроkе. The mаngо tаngо is delicious and great. That mango adds a sweetness …


Written by: Nicole Tab
November 22, 2016

Their philosophy is built within its own name – Ocean, Sun, Earth and Atmosphere. Through the use of its high quality ingredients, natural acne treatments, anti-aging concentrates, and certified organic algae from Patagonia, OSEA’s focus is on purity, simplicity and efficacy. OSEA …

Amrapali Ambegaokar

Written by: Nicole Tab
August 14, 2016

How do you choose between two careers in life? According to Amrapali, you don’t have to. As the former Principal Dancer of Cirque du Soleil in over 750 shows, she is also a busy actress with recurring roles on Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, and guest starring …


Written by: Nicole Tab
July 13, 2016

  Necklace by DYLANLEX It’s time to put the last finishing touches on your outfit – what do you grab? Your go-to necklace and bracelet? No, you wore that last week and you are not about to repeat them. You rummage through …


Written by: Nicole Tab
July 6, 2016

Intimate events always call for exceptional food. Introducing Morsel, a boutique catering company that customizes to your every need. Their focus is mainly Mediterranean cuisine – Italian, French, Middle Eastern. Family style dining is their specialty with comforting, fresh, rustic kind of food. …


Written by: Nicole Tab
June 27, 2016

Ladies, let’s be honest, we can never resist surprise gifts. Gentlemen, how often do you search for that perfect gift to surprise your pretty lady with? Whether it’s a deserving gift to yourself, or for a loved one, we have the solution. FabFitFun …

Crowned Republic

Written by: Nicole Tab
June 18, 2016

Step aside for Royalty coming through! Homegrown in Southern California, Crowned Republic brings you high quality flower crowns made with love, detail, originality and positive intentions. The flowers are always selected with the client in mind. Each crown consists of a blend of fabrics …

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