Crowned Republic

June 18, 2016 ,

Step aside for Royalty coming through! Homegrown in Southern California, Crowned Republic brings you high quality flower crowns made with love, detail, originality and positive intentions. The flowers are always selected with the client in mind.


Each crown consists of a blend of fabrics such as silk, cotton, and velvet. Crowned Republic is eco-minded and conscious of the environment. They aim to use sustainable materials as much as possible. The lighter the carbon footprint is, the more fruitful the soil is for flowers to bloom.


The name is derived from Founder and CEO Gabriela Rangel’s upbringing as a native of Southern California and the diverse environment she grew up in. Her creative influence stems from the initials of her grandmother, mother, and sister who are very important sources of encouragement, strength and inspiration. She is also extremely proud of her multi ethnic background. Creating colorful, vibrant, head pieces provides a platform of expression for her appreciation and love of being a blend of Spaniard, Colombian, German, Filipino, and Chinese.


Some of the featured talent found with their very own crowns are Academy Award winning actress Goldie Hawn, New York Times Best Selling Author & “Guru” for the 21st century Gabrielle Bernstein, Grammy Nominated Artist/Songwriter Emily King, and Norwegian Television Host, Actress & Model Cecilia Foss.

Below is TV Personality/Host/Executive Producer/Media Maven Diana Madison, owner of The Lowdown, Hollyscoop & OBSEV showing off her flower blend which beautifully decorates and tops off her Coachella outfit.


Here is Grammy Award winning artist/song writer Fallulah rockin’ out and representing with her very own Crowned Republic flower crown.


You can also find Crowned Republic in US MagazineDaily Mail, and Radar Online.

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