DJ E5quire

May 20, 2016 ,

“Lawyer by day, DJ by night” is the way to describe the lifestyle of DJ E5quire, also known as, Farshad Dehbozorgi. DJ E5quire attended Pepperdine Law School while he also pursued his passion for DJing.  I know what you’re thinking; these seem like two very different passions, so how does that work? However, he creates a great blend of the two in his life. He says he learned about production when he attended law school.


 Watching DJ E5quire perform is a fantastic experience. His energy is always high, and he is always looking to make sure the crowd is pleased. While working, he pays particular attention to details of the beats he puts together, and he develops it like a science.


DJ E5quire has always been into music, but he got into production about 5 years ago. He actually taught himself how to produce through various youtube tutorials. He has played around the world in places including his favorite location Beirut, as well as Colombia, Canada, Miami, New York, Vegas, and Los Angeles.


For the hardworking up and coming artists, Farshad’s idea of the best thing to do is to build a following. How do you do that? Good music, put it out there and let people listen to it. Even if you think no one will be a fan of it, don’t worry, put it out there, there will ALWAYS be a fan. Of course, to build a good following, GOOD music is key. You can continue to follow up with his latest music and shows by viewing his social media below!

DJ E5quire
(310) 873-7713

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