June 27, 2016 ,


Ladies, let’s be honest, we can never resist surprise gifts. Gentlemen, how often do you search for that perfect gift to surprise your pretty lady with? Whether it’s a deserving gift to yourself, or for a loved one, we have the solution. FabFitFun provides a beautiful collection of products from various brands all put together into one fabulous box! Your box of goodies arrive four times a year, one for every season.


The box is valued at $200, but the beauty of FabFitFun’s box is it’s only $49.99! Talk about getting the most for your money. We always want to spend wisely in every aspect of life, so shouldn’t that include glamour and beauty as well?


Aside from this box being an irresistible gift, let’s also consider this: How many times have you thought to venture out of your comfort zone, but hesitate to commit to something new? With FabFitFun, you can test the products first and decide which ones you like best before you invest and include them in your daily routine.


Above you see some of the beauty products you can test out in the FabFitFun Summer Box. Here you have gloss to spruce up your lips, scrub to exfoliate and renew your skin, and moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated in the heat. You can enjoy these, as well as the “Everyday Beach Waves,” a product by FabFitFun themselves!


How do you stay refreshed? Take the delicious sensation of ice-cold popsicles, mixed with the idea of popping champagne bottles, and you get these champagne shaped popsicle makers! Now that’s a great way to stay cool in this weather.


Stay hydrated and get plenty of Vitamin Sea this summer, it’s going to be a sizzling one. If you plan to tan on the beach, or just need that easy over-your-shoulder bag to carry your belongings in, then throw everything in this fashionable tote and be on your way!


Most importantly, take your dreams everywhere you go. Whether you’re sweating to burn off a few pounds, or just want to take a moment and collect yourself, this yoga towel will be there to remind you what’s important in life.


            We want you to try these fabulous and fun products, therefore we are offering $10 OFF your first box! Subscribe to NicoleTab.com and you’ll receive my coupon code in the next newsletter.



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