May 20, 2016 ,

As you shop along the street of Montana in Santa Monica, or take your dog out for a sight seeing walk, you realize your parched and famished from all that cardio, and saved just in time! You reach the corner of Montana and 16th, the home of Groundwork.

First start with an almond milk latte and an apple rosemary tart.


Then enjoy a truffle, sprout and avocado toast.


Finishing off with a fantastic salted caramel cookie, a NicoleTab favorite!


Known as one of the first certified organic coffee roasters in California, and the largest in Los Angeles, its organic coffee sourcing set an industry standard, as did their solar-powered, low-emissions roasting technology. While you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, you can also please your taste buds with healthy, delectable delights sitting next to your cup. Groundwork’s relaxed atmosphere makes it easy for you to enjoy your meal and take a step back from your hectic life, and treat your body to the right ingredients it deserves!

Groundwork Coffee Company
1601 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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