May 20, 2016 ,

A girly girl combined with a wicked sense of humor, gives you a dichotomy of the one and only, Hana-li. This Michael Jackson, Muse and Kimbra inspired artist decided to create an interesting genre. She describes it as “Pop/Rock with a Blue-sy Twist.”


I wondered what motivates her in life,  because I definitely see passion in all her performances, and of course in her every day life. When I asked her, she responded how she loves to spread beauty in the world, whatever that may mean to someone. Whether it’s to write great music, make someone laugh, be a good friend, Hana-li’s mission is to spread that happiness.


Her latest song, “Take a Girl” shows the inspiration behind wanting to change the world. It describes the trials and tribulations one encounters when standing up for what one believes in. People can attempt to get in the way, whether through deception, injustice, or outright opposition, so it’s important to persist no matter what may come.


Hana-li’s talent and vision are what make her a strong, empowered woman. I have had the pleasure of watching her expand as an artist over the years and it’s truly inspiring. Check her out!





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