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Intimate events always call for exceptional food. Introducing Morsel, a boutique catering company that customizes to your every need. Their focus is mainly Mediterranean cuisine – Italian, French, Middle Eastern. Family style dining is their specialty with comforting, fresh, rustic kind of food. Chef Sophie Klein graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Pasadena and is classically French trained. She worked with top chefs in several LA restaurants, including the famous Bestia located in Downtown. Alongside her is Jamie Sarra, her trusted Business Development partner paving the way for future expansion and endeavors.


Food is the key ingredient to set the mood of any event you host. How do you make sure you have the perfect menu to satisfy your guests’ palates? Morsel knows how to help you! Each menu is designed personally with the client, season, and event in mind. Their unique approach allows each client to feel connected with and prepared for their upcoming event. It’s not just selecting a pre-made menu, it’s creating the best menu that will leave your guests wanting more.


Here is a taste of what you can expect with Morsel. To illustrate a “Mid Summer’s Night Cheese” theme, above you see heirloom tomato bruschetta with herb goat cheese and balsamic reduction, made just right to get the party rolling!


Then you have burrata, nectarine and red plum salad with champagne vinaigrette finished with pink sea salt. Seriously, how many of you get excited when you hear “burrata”?


Moving onto the squash ravioli with asparagus and shaved sheep milk cheese with a lemon butter sauce.


Of course, last but never the least, the selection of desserts. Everyone’s favorite part of any meal. First, is a strawberry and thyme galette with vanilla and thyme infused whipped cream.


Next, is a blueberry and lemon galette.


To top it off, enjoy this delicious pistachio cake with white chocolate buttercream. Don’t forget to wear expandable clothing when Morsel is catering!

As an upcoming endeavor, Morsel is also developing exciting kitchen products, so they have really got you covered. So the next time you plan a dinner party or birthday surprise, enjoy your first experience with them with 15% off when you subscribe to and receive the next newsletter. What would you do for a Morsel?


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  1. I have used Morsels for several office lunches and everyone loved the food. Sophie is wonderful to work with and very creative. I highly recommend Morsels!

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