Pure Barre Beverly Hills

May 20, 2016 ,


Lift. Tone. Burn! That’s the motto of Pure Barre. A 55-minute class combining pilates, yoga and ballet, Pure Barre is not just a workout, but a way of life. It focuses on 4 areas of the body: arms, thighs, booty, and abs.

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You are under the careful guidance of the instructors, who become your motivational friends. Owner Kelsey Rood makes you feel so at home, and is ready to assist you with any goal you have set for your body. The staff want to see you succeed, and given that form is very important to each exercise, they make sure to come around during class and correct you whenever needed, to make sure you get the full Pure Barre experience.


It elongates and stretches your body, builds your strength and stamina, and increases your flexibility, leaving you with a fit, toned, and bikini ready body! Don’t be fooled, this is a very challenging workout, and you can expect to see changes after the first 3 classes. You find yourself in compromising positions, and workout parts of your body you didn’t know you could workout.


Your goal: to get your muscles to shake. You want that burning sensation when you think you can’t hold onto the position any longer, and your muscle starts to shake, because THAT’S when you know your body is changing. Once you finish, you realize it was all worth it!

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Pure Barre Beverly Hills
231 S La Cienega Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(424) 204-9722


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