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March 14, 2017 ,

Women like to shine bright, right? Well, what is one of the best ways to add some shine to your daily outfits? Jewelry! Women look for the most alluring fashion accessories to top off their outfits of the day. The pieces become a part of your everyday life as it adds beauty and charm to a personality. Shema-OR is a dazzling brand where you can find unique jewelry that adds the last finishing touch of style to your look.


Want another good excuse to feel good about shopping? Try this one: each piece you buy contributes towards different projects in Israel. The Shema-OR symbol is meant to inspire the wearer to make a difference in the world, while bringing protection, light and hope to those that surround her.


Orna Simkhai, Founder of Shema-OR based in New York, had a poetic vision for this line. Inspired by eye-opening stories from the people of Israel, each piece is designed with circular works of art using the words of the Shema as the centerpiece. The Shema is considered to be the most important prayer in the Jewish religion, proclaiming a declaration of faith in G-d. This prayer is often said in times of uncertainty, despairs and renders a sense of hope and strength by the power of its words. Orna knew she wanted to help others in similar situations like in those stories she heard.


They have awe-inspiring pieces like earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, necklaces and other collections. Dress yourself up with beautiful pieces and it’s a sure way to enhance your mood for the rest of the day! These are not just for special occasions, you can also wear them daily.


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